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Jan 14, 2011
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    1. Baselmore
      i need help with the thing it won't let me upload plugins!!!
    2. vitik
      hey how can i download spout client
    3. CainFoool
      Message me.
      1. Archelaus
        The PM system works two ways buddy, so message me if you have the intent of talking to me. If it's about your ban, then I wouldn't bother just yet.
        Dec 13, 2011
      2. Kohle
        I would be liking the above post if Daniel Heppner didn't eat my sub-comment like button.
        Dec 23, 2011
    4. emericask8ur
      Does your Monkey ever stop dancing?
      1. Afforess
        Yes - in fact, it only dances if you are going to die in 7 days. :p
        Dec 25, 2011
    5. tips48
      Nice name you got there....
    6. Afforess
      Nice name change. Was always getting you and @Rigby mixed up. Stupid 'R' names. :p
      1. Kohle and saul100 like this.
    7. emericask8ur
      Why dont you like your RightLegRed? D: and whats Archelaus mean
    8. saul100
      I see you changed your name, RightLegRed :)
      1. Archelaus
        Yeee, finally got it changed to what it should be. lukegb did it for me :3
        Nov 5, 2011
    9. darkadders
      dude, i need some help from ya (if you'd like to help ofc ^^), is it possible you can modify an NPC mod, into spawning a hostile NPC when an action is followed through (f.ex opening a door) and into playing off music when something happens (chases by the enemy and etc). i need this for a project of mine, and i have virtually NO experience in making, or modifying plugins :S. thanks!
    10. Xaviconn
      Hey, you i posted a thread about someone making a Free running (Parkour) Plugin, you posted "If you require, I will code a plugin on commission." i would like to talk about this as i would like to proceed with this project
      1. Xaviconn
        please could you reply asap, as we are looking to follow on with this sooner rather than later
        Nov 3, 2011
    11. bobbysmithyy
      Could you update the Stock Exchange plugin? I hear your a good coder so just wondering.
    12. Lithixium
      Hiya! Got a source download for Weather Man?
    13. gergy008
      Hi RightLegRed, Just wondering but did you ever play Roblox a few years back? Or does this person have the same username? I don't play anymore but I remember this person for years back...
      1. Archelaus
        Yupyup, that was me.
        Aug 30, 2011
    14. EspoDev
      Where can you get animations like yours ?
      1. Royal_Soda
        Anywhere that makes -.gifs
        Jan 13, 2012
    15. spirroouu
      Hello there, what a guy named exidous said on page 43 of the plugin heroes, where can i download that? Can i actually download it?
    16. mattattack rawr
      could you help me with permissions?
      1. ShootToMaim
        Please do not post Support Questions on this person's profile. Profile comments are to congratulate someone or for other stuff. You can ask for support here.
        Nov 22, 2011
    17. VecTorRaptor
      hay hi i'm new and what is the trophy?
    18. Liam Allan
    19. KoryuObihiro
      D: Ohmahgawl

      666 messages.

    20. Merdur
      1. Archelaus
        Alright man, will check them now
        Jun 15, 2011
      2. ShootToMaim
        rage much? :D
        Nov 22, 2011
    21. Dorpaxio
      This is how long to be plugin developer ?
    22. Dorpaxio
      I would just like to be to remove of blocked :S
    23. thecoolwolf
      i saw you talk about a client mod on heroes RPG and i think it sounds like a great idea! but for those who are to paranoid or.. well stupid to install a client mod could you use the "air bar" as a mana bar and give the players chat messages so they see there air instead if they dont have the client mod installed. (:
      1. thecoolwolf
        Jun 5, 2011
      2. Archelaus
        We're gonna be using the map. We can draw stuff on it.
        Jun 5, 2011
      3. thecoolwolf
        ok cool =D keep up the good work^^
        Jun 5, 2011
    24. fregaPT
      How do I become a Plugin Developer ?
      1. ShootToMaim
        Make 1+ plugins.
        Nov 22, 2011
    25. fregaPT
      I have posted a thread with my plugin
      It's called: xGive
      It hasn't been aproved yet
      Is it possible to check it out and tell me if its possible for me to become a plugin developer ?
    26. VBeregovoy
      Sorry for my English, but i am wont to request the plugin to developer. How i can do it with my bad English?
      1. Archelaus
        To get plugin developer, develop a plugin and then submit it. If you have. Link me, I'll sort it out.
        May 12, 2011
      2. VBeregovoy
        No, you not understand me. I am wont request plugin for developer. I need a some plugin.
        May 12, 2011
      3. Archelaus
        Oh, PM me so we can talk properly.
        May 12, 2011
    27. retsrif
      Your avatar is epic. The GIF version of it. Truly epic. Where did you get that? XD
    28. Starrk
    29. nekosune
      Who do I speak to / how do i get Plugin Developer title, with two active and used ones, I think I can, unless I found out wrong
      1. Archelaus
        PM me.
        Apr 27, 2011
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