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I made a music video! Jan 26, 2014

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Oct 11, 2014
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    1. iAd4m
      How much would you want for your "cloud" plugin?
    2. jtjj222
      hey, can you write me a hunger games plugin? (jk) :D
    3. codename_B
      If one more person asks me to code a hunger games plugin for them...
      1. Omnitv
        Jul 6, 2012
    4. CoKoC
      I've laughed my ass off twice reading your comments tonight. =D
      1. chasechocolate likes this.
    5. pyraetos
      You still haven't noticed my edit to your example users.yml!
      1. codename_B
        It's not something I check often :P
        Jun 15, 2012
    6. codename_B
      Away to a wedding this weekend - if you need me I'll be back monday (or try and catch me on skype today)
    7. iBCoLLiN
      Get back o didnt install
    8. Cloud_12345
      o_O whenever I'm on Skype after school I go on for like 9 hours and I never see you online.
      1. codename_B
        I'm online now?
        Jun 4, 2012
    9. Cloud_12345
      I still need assistance with bugs on your plot plugin
      1. codename_B
        I've been on skype = msg me!
        Jun 3, 2012
    10. Cloud_12345
      Does that mean you're coming on Skype? ;3
    11. codename_B
      Exams donnnne!
      1. Shurfire
        Hate them :(
        May 29, 2012
    12. codename_B
      So incase anyone is wondering why I haven't been on skype -EXAMS- I'll be on loads and available to do any and all development as of Monday
    13. Cloud_12345
      Hey, how come you're never on Skype now?
      1. codename_B
        busy with exams till Friday
        May 24, 2012
    14. peter7579
      Hey codename_b! are you building another bananaprotect, for mc 1.2.5? I really need it.. Best Plugin i can find!
      1. codename_B
        Not atm I'm not
        May 12, 2012
    15. hammale
      lol just finished watching the A-Team...wat a juicy coincidence :)
      1. codename_B likes this.
    16. Cloud_12345
      Can I get a copy of your plugin (the plot one)
      can I contact you through skype?
      1. codename_B
        Sure - pm me!
        May 8, 2012
    17. DJ_Amos123
      Could i please have a copy of your plugin for my server, it's highly needed!
      1. DJ_Amos123
        I didn't make myself clear, I meant PlotWorld.
        Thanks again.
        May 7, 2012
      2. codename_B
        pm me!
        May 7, 2012
    18. Ninjaman427
      I am in need of some server plugins, wanting to look to you and ask you for a Skype name or something? Pm me back for more details
      1. codename_B
        Skype name is the same as my Bukkit name.
        May 7, 2012
    19. skinerdean
      Hello. I use Bananaregion on my server. Is there a way to sell the land insted of renting it. Or if there is not is it possible to make the rent last forever.

    20. Bobmarley66
    21. codename_B
      32 alerts and 20 inbox messages... wow
      1. tyzoid
        Welcome back codename_b.

        Hope you are okay :)
        Apr 9, 2012
      2. tyzoid
        If you don't mind me asking, why were you gone so long?
        Apr 9, 2012
      3. ShootToMaim
        Welcome back to Bukkit.
        Apr 25, 2012
    22. codename_B
      RL issues come up - won't be around for a few days
    23. midnightlshadow
      I have a plugin idea and was wondering if you had the time to listen to my idea and maybe just maybe =P develop it. I can't code and i would love this for my server i am starting up. If interested please message me back ^^. sorry if i'm a bother

      Thanks for your time.

    24. ZeusAllMighty11
      Please let me know how you can decompile a plugin?
      I want to decompile some dead ones :D
      1. View previous comments...
      2. ZeusAllMighty11
        Couldn't find it, mate.
        Mar 2, 2012
      3. codename_B
      4. ShootToMaim
        Import the .jar to Eclipse O.o
        Apr 25, 2012
    25. emericask8ur
      Holy Crap. 60 Followers :P
    26. Kottalizer
      Good evening!

      NeonMaster in #bukkit told me you had coded a world generator that makes the world appear like one big sea with islands on it. I was wondering
      1.) if that's true, and
      2.) if yes, would it be possible to get that plugin (?) from you?

      Kind Regards,
      1. codename_B
        yes and no, it's private to my server.
        Feb 24, 2012
    27. Justin511
      Hello! I was wondering how much you were charging for the Fake Players plugin? Thanks!
      1. codename_B
        Depends why you need it and the size of your server
        Feb 19, 2012
    28. Cloudeath
      Ow man, I put your plugin on my server here, but just want to take a doubt, the guy will like it and creates a grief of gravel, sand, dirt and cobblestone. and then how will I get these blocks? As an admin you can not break blocks?
      1. codename_B
        Feb 14, 2012
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    May 26, 1991 (Age: 23)
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