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Sep 8, 2014
Dec 28, 2010
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Sep 8, 2014
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    1. Maxorq
      You're awesome. That's all.
    2. BebopVox
      Hey Dinnerbone, BebopVox here from The Minecraft Monday Show. Love to do a quick interview over skype to help answer the communitys questions. If you could contact me. All my contact information is on BebopVox(dot)com. Thank you.
      1. eamon12
        Jan 20, 2013
    3. RROD
      Once again thanks for Bukkit. It's taught me valuable lessons in programming, inc. a whole new language.
    4. doggon
      Hei maybe can help me? i have a question why i cant create a town.With towny plugin.In server write....''You cant afford so settle a new town here" What need do?I try everywere and nothing.Thx
      1. billofbong
        Read the big red box at the top of the page. Also, why would dinnerbone know ANYTHING about towny? Go post on the towny page, obviously. God, some people.
        Feb 21, 2012
    5. NekoSteamBoy
      Someone is trying to get Famous with the "Bukkit" name is that allowed?


      I would contact them and say close it รด.o
    6. hammale
      lol dude u seem so chill :D
    7. l4pierce
      Heyo, i made a tutorial on setting up a Craft bukkit server on a mac. I thought it might help since i was very confused on how to do it the first time, heres the link if u wanna watch it and tell me what you think http://youtu.be/YGJClQSs5jY
    8. RobZ_SD
      Just a pointer for the wiki: On the 'Learning Java' section on the developer portal, you could add thenewboston's java tutorials on Youtube or http://www.thenewboston.com. They are really good.
    9. millerman2011
      when is the 1.0.0 version of bukkit coming out?
      1. John McCarthy
        John McCarthy
        This is not the place to post this type of stuff. The answer to this = when its done. You will have to wait.
        Nov 26, 2011
    10. WinCamXP
      Nice Doc Brown costume, but today's October 30th.
    11. John McCarthy
      I am the admin of the biggest (most likes) Bukkit page on Facebook, and it is starting to look like it is the official page, especially to fans.
      At the moment, I have over 1,000 likes. Here is a link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bukkit/209963292364035
      I was wondering if you wanted to take it or use it in any way, because I am unsure what to do with it.
      Please contact me if you are interested.
      Thank you.
    12. Liam Allan
      You make me proud to be English.
    13. emericask8ur
      Dinnerbone thinks im cool B)
    14. Prof.X
      Saw what you are up to and wanted to give you a big ol' sloppy Thanks!!!
    15. oyasunadev
      Would you please unblock me on Skype? oliver123pok. I have some things I would like to talk to you about. Thanks!
    16. doublecrafters
      Dinner ccould you help me on something?
    17. Butkicker12
      Congrats you have 69 followers ROFL
      1. emericask8ur likes this.
    18. unl33t
      Can't say enough how much you and the rest of the bukkit team rock! really appreciate all the hard work you go through to make bukkit run.
    19. oyasunadev
      Please unban me from the bukkitdev channel. EvilSeph has it all wrong. He wont give me a chance to explain that he misunderstood me...
    20. Magicpie234
      Hay, I am Having Issues with the I am Sorry Dave BUt I cant Let You Do That, Will The Team Remove it?
    21. exoskeleton
      help help help i havent got any help im desperate
      1. zachoooo
        Dont ask on his profile. Read The Orange bar
        Aug 9, 2011
    22. exoskeleton
      i need help can u help me??? it says unable to launch craftbukkit-0.0.1_SNAPSHOT so what do i do????
      1. saul100 likes this.
      2. zachoooo
        Dont ask on his profile. Read The Orange bar
        Aug 9, 2011
    23. Blueexet
      Hey I got a Question! How can i get Mod?
      Do i have to get invited? or anything?
      1. JerriCop
        You don't ask. Then you 'might' get invited if your truly engaged in all of the community. But getting moderator isn't fun in games, it gets boring after awhile and then becomes like a second job.
        Aug 1, 2011
    24. VALO
      nice job guys, cant you guys read whats above the comment thing it says no support questions
    25. nova779
      When i logged onto my server i was running beta 1.7.3 and it let me log in and i restarted my server it said outdated server will you please help?
    26. tips48
      Hey great job updating everything from 1.6 onward, its gone super smooth ;)
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