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Sep 8, 2014
Dec 28, 2010
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Sep 8, 2014
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    1. tips48
      Hey great job updating everything from 1.6 onward, its gone super smooth ;)
    2. RuinCraft Plugins
      I am sad now...Please unban me, I didn't mean it....Im an asshole, I wont live without Bukkit IRC
    3. Dorpaxio
      May I be in the team Plugin Developpers Please ?
      1. billofbong
        Just... Wow.
        Feb 21, 2012
    4. uvbeenzaned
      Just a question. Is there a deadline for fill?
      1. Oscarius likes this.
      2. halvors
        Yes, when will we be able to start use that?
        May 27, 2011
      3. uvbeenzaned
        I am very excited about it!
        May 27, 2011
    5. brandenhouser
      oh why do you miss playing
    6. brandenhouser
      whats up people
    7. Jam0206
      Gee whiz... I sure miss playing Minecraft
    8. speeddemon92
      Hey Dinnerbone I noticed the interfaces for wolves was kind of bare and half correct. Is there any way to get my fixed files to you to review and put into Bukkit and CraftBukkit?
    9. colin shepherd
      Can you check my newest post, im having more errors on my server, and I dont know how to fix them.

    10. Kiskae
      Hello DB :D
    11. Malibu23
      hi where can i download me the bukkit mod ?
      1. contex
        Mar 13, 2011
    12. colin shepherd
      could you check out my post, i have an error that i need fixed, and i dont know how to do it...
    13. denGTAden
      Where I can get bukkit or craftbukit?
      1. Maarten456
        Feb 24, 2011
    14. inZertion
      When is the new Minecraft version is going to work with Bukkit?
    15. muumipeikk0
      its twitter.com/craftbukkit
    16. ace3df
      I can't find your twitter or bukkits twitter any help ?
    17. rpg877
      could you give me a link to the latest bukkit download?
    18. Jimpi
      could you please rank me up to plugin-developer. Thanks
    19. Anoniempje
      Great Scott!
    20. Bloq
      Will Bukkit have the hMod server commands? Useful ones like /warp. Just wondering, because then I'd definitely consider using it.
    21. Demonofbirth
      Does donating put you on "sponsors"?
    22. poeman
      I asked another staff but he logged on and off a few times, without acknowledging my question so I'm going to copy and paste it and I would appreciate an answer :) though if it's private information that's fine.
      1. poeman
        Hello :) I just signed up, I'm a long time lurker, and I'll be making my first post in a bit, but I would like to ask you some things about the Bukkit project! I hope you don't mind answering.

        1)Doors seem to mess up a lot and set you back to your previous position, any fix?
        2)Will this fix minecarts?
        Jan 10, 2011
      2. poeman
        3)Could this ever allow mods to be used from single player(Like things that add content to the game, if everyone had the mod) because I play on a small private server which consists of around 8 players who wouldn't mind downloading a mod.

        (420 character limit)
        Jan 10, 2011
    23. Johannes
      Really looking forward to the performance boost this should provide over hmod. Cheers.
    24. skimberk1
      Hey! Gonna convert my server to Bukkit at some point.
      And I'm 8th, not that anyone cares (not that anyone should for that matter).
    25. Fluffy
      Hugs...? :3
    26. Lymia
      Hugs <3
    27. kovk
      Hiya dinnerbone! I'm excited about bukkit and will convert my server at such point that the features I need are in place. Until then though the fixed gates on your hmod stargate mod are busted and a lot of people are left hanging on it. Could you do one last update to it to fix?
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