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Forgotten what profile updates actually *do* in XenForo...does this alert everyone? I think I'm going to start using it to share blog posts Jan 6, 2014

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    1. davidteather
      So i am running my server on 1.2.3 beta build last night it orked but today i run it it says done and when I go to multiplayer it says it not up please help now
    2. Sacha862
      Hi, I've always wanted to develop a plugin (or plugins) and was wondering:
      A) Do you know any good sites/videos where I could pick up a few tricks.
      B) How do I submit a plugin.

      1. mmob18
        Hmm, would this be classified as "support"?
        Mar 10, 2012
      2. AaronL98
        Watch TheNewBoston on youtube, he does java programming, and watch GTOTechnology, he makes plugins and records himself doing it
        Mar 12, 2012
    3. vebs2
      hey evilseph. maybe you can help me out real quick. how would i go about switching someones gamemode without them being onine?
    4. AlbertoTech96
      Dude that was awesome that you add'ed the help pages to bukkit
    5. xrapidmatz1
      its ok i figured it out
    6. xrapidmatz1
      ive updated the new craftbukkit server but i dont know wht the RUN.bat code is? please can you help me. thanks
      1. mmob18
        Hi, I don't think Evilseph replies to support questions on his profile. I'm not Bukkit Staff. but I'd be happy to help you with your server. PM me and tell me what the inside of your .bat file looks like, and I'll solve your problem.
        Mar 10, 2012
    7. RougeAgent
      yes thank you how do i update bukkit for a mac?
    8. AlbertoTech96
      oh and thanks to all the bukkit team members for making this happen because mojang servers lol not so good xD
      but yea... thank you all
    9. AlbertoTech96
      guys please stop asking when bukkit is coming out they are working on making a recommended build please just be patient and wait till they release it thanks :)
    10. RougeAgent
      I dont quite understand some bukkit server stuff(I use hamachi)
      What do Builds do?
      How do I use plugins from 1.1 on 1.2.3 if they are compatible?
      What are basic plugins i need to get started with
      Also how do i do permsissions
    11. guzzcluez
      I need help im trying to update my server and when i do it wont let me log in> Then also is still running on 1.1 (don't know what version is out). Please help!
    12. henryv3
      When is 1.2.3 coming OUT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    13. Mineplex
      Firstly I Would Like To Say A Big Congratulations To Bukkit On Joining The Mojang Team, Best Of Luck For The Future And I Hope It All Goes Well! Secondly, And I Know That About A Million Have Asked This Same Question, But I Was Just Wondering When The Official Bukkit 1.2 Build Will Be Out As We Are In Dire Need Of It For Our Server
      Mineplex Survival/Build Server
    14. racecar8799
      how long till bukkit 1.2.3 comes out?
    15. Jay98d
      I know you probably have 1million messages saying this already, but hurry and get the new build for 1.2.3!!! PS. Thanks for bukkit!
    16. loonybob1
      we need a new bukkit for 1.2... my server is down and i would like to be able to run it. if its not too much trouble the last bukkit update dosent work... we need 1.2..3
    17. jordyracer1
      Hi i was wondering when are you going to be realising the next build for bukkit because i am buying a server today and was wondering
    18. Squirzy
      Congratulations on joining Mojang! Can't wait to see the great stuff you's can do now
    19. RROD
      Once again thanks for Bukkit. It's taught me valuable lessons in programming, inc. a whole new language.
      1. emericask8ur likes this.
    20. emericask8ur
      What was your old Profile Picture from?
    21. Nick Foster
      Could you tell mbaxter to lay off?... He is removing post that are requesting development of plugins in return for a small payment... (He is deleting my posts because I'm offing money for people to make plugins for my server)
      1. Nick Foster
        Nick Foster
        Feb 21, 2012
      2. DeShaw
        Herp. It is a forum rule bro.
        Jun 15, 2012
    22. ZachBora
      Did anyone ever tell you that you're a blue owl?
      1. DeShaw, emericask8ur and EvilSeph like this.
    23. NekoSteamBoy
      Someone is trying to get Famous with the "Bukkit" name is that allowed?


      I would contact them and say close it รด.o
    24. HardWar3
      nice work
      you work almost to it alone
      If you followed the so-
      do you so much
      if I could
      I would help you
      nice keep it up

      sry for my english :( google english :P
    25. crazyminer164
      Hey seph, i really need help with something. My server is like corrrrupted or something and i tried everything but i cant fix it. Maybe you can help me???? OK well thanks
      1. Stone_Tigris
        Read the red box, it knows all.
        Feb 14, 2012
    26. Nicolaipaulli
      Sorry EvilSeph i know i dont should ask here but cant find out of writing on forum... how to make me Owner of my server and other admin ?
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      2. ShootToMaim
        Please do not post Support Questions on this person's profile. Profile comments are to congratulate someone or for other stuff. You can ask for support here.
        Feb 6, 2012
      3. Juze
        @Shoot: No, you can't ask for support here, follow the link. :P
        Feb 9, 2012
      4. ShootToMaim
        Feb 9, 2012
    27. Clem
      Thanks for Bukkit Bro :D!
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