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Aug 4, 2013
Dec 28, 2010
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Community Staff, Male, from Norway

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Aug 4, 2013
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    1. jojomaiza
      when the bukkit 1.3.1 comes out ???
    2. 6flydog
      Hello dude can u make a TNT breaks obsidian plugin please! It would really help with servers that are factions pvp.....Thanks 6flydog
    3. xll2riiiiv4llx
      do you know when bukkit 1.2.4 comes out??
    4. LegendaryMack
      Hey Ur staff i have and error during initialization of um could not reserve enough space for object heap could not create the java virtual machine.
    5. Kohle
      I find it interesting that you are user #2.
      1. rtainc, hawkfalcon and emericask8ur like this.
    6. Rot-Fuxs
      I have a problem with posting a new thread in help section:
      When I want to post a new thread in help section, I can't type a massagetext. I can type a title and a pollquestion, but no body text.
      What could I do?

      Please help me! *make big eys*

    7. ThrillMan16
      Hey i'm new to plugin developing and i was wondering if i have to ask permissions from you to be able to post my plugin please write back.
    8. mattattack rawr
      Could you help me with permissions
    9. Kiim
      NORGE FTW!
    10. xRespawntime
      Does anyone know how to stop my MineCraft.jar from crashing?
      1. philipborg
        Force update ;P
        Jul 10, 2011
    11. zach bryant
      hi, i just created my server and i put plugins inside the folder but they dont work on my server. can you help me at all with this?
    12. sacredflies
      hi i dont know how to download the client plzzz send me an link in my page it eould be realy nice thx
    13. GamerX
      D├Žsken! Norge!
    14. iSushi
      Oh holy white chocolate hostage, someone from my own country. Congrats, you should feel honored.
    15. OhCaptain
      I realize you all (on the team) are probably hard at work creating a fully working Bukkit but any further ETA's? Any more info would be deeply appreciated!

      Thanks for your time and hard work on this project!
      Devoted member and anxious user,
    16. pesoo
      when bukkit its ready or hey0mod fix
    17. Sosser
      Dam dam dam :o
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