Jan 1, 2011
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January 6
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Okay, I just replied to 46 PMs. Whoo. Jul 16, 2011

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    1. decebaldecebal
    2. JamEngulfer221
      How come you have a Purple name? Is it because of a special rank or something? Or is it just because you wanted it ;)
    3. Dragon_Slayer
      I like your plugins :D
    4. eleljrk
      In your CommandHelper plugin.yml:
      You depend on WorldEdit, even when bundled!
    5. Praseo
      Hello, I have make a tutorial video on your pluggin in French, I give you link in case or you want to insert it into your post.

      Thank you and good continuance!

      PS: sorry for my bad english
    6. danhaswings
    7. Artilles
      Thank you for taking over the development on that radio. :)
    8. martinherrmann
      nice dude, and got a nice server too.
    9. emericask8ur
      sk89q Top Dev In History!
    10. matthayez011
      are you ever going to make a plugin that streams youtube videos to maps?
    11. Master_Rudik
      Congrats on being the only one with a purple name in the "Meet the Team."
    12. sk89q
      Okay, I just replied to 46 PMs. Whoo.
    13. greenglue
    14. georgeboy121
      how do u "de-grief" with world edit?
      1. WaterFalcon
        the regenerate chunk ability. copy your house, and then paste it when it gets burn down, ect. i am sure there are tones of other stuff.

        ["//regen" "//copy" "//paste"]
        Jul 15, 2011
    15. tomasz
    16. sk89q
      I'm busy this week, my computer exploded, and so I won't be making a release. Everything should work on 1.7, barring specific piston support
    17. MalcolmLC
      I love this guy so much.
    18. robert puckett
      best plugins ever !!!!!!!!!
    19. VALO
      if you want i can send you the base pack so far
    20. VALO
      hey man great plugin on equestion can i use yyour plugin in a plugin pack im making ill give you full credit
    21. Arcalyth
      Hey there, I just downloaded WorldEdit and I'd appreciate it if you could take the executable bits off of README.html and WorldEdit.jar. There's no reason for them to be executable.

      Just a little thing. Thanks for writing a fantastic plugin!
    22. blackat
      I need Craftbook or Falsebook of my Mincraft server 1.7.2. I need Lift up and Lift down
    23. dylanweber
      When is all of your plugins going to be updated? My server depends on you! :P
      1. giannis0010 and YoungDwayne like this.
    24. blackat
      when is a world guard geupdate 1,7,2 and worldedit
    25. blackat
      when is a world guard geupdate 1,7,2
    26. civ77
      Sort of a support question but not really: is there a permission with Worldguard that can allow users to create regions but only withing regions they own? i.e. if a region was protected for me is there a permission that would allow me to create more child regions within my region. If not could you PLEASE add this?
    27. FoopertDaBear
      A lot of people have been saying whats the GREATEST plugins, whats BETTER than this one, yadayadayada and so on...but I've got to say sk89q. Your plugins make my server LIVE :D KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
    28. mich8021
      sk89q i know it says not to post suport questions but i would realy like it if you could update world edit to build 928
    29. Dark_Arc
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