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May 28, 2011
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Jan 19, 1992 (Age: 22)

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Community Staff, Male, 22

Help! I'm being trolled! Jul 5, 2011

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Feb 20, 2012
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    1. NuclearW
      Hope you're doing alright, even though you haven't been on in forever!
      1. jorisk322
        Yeah, last time he posted M1sT3rM4n was still around.
        Mar 3, 2013
    2. duderobot
      Bro is the server back up?
    3. xeNium
      Update your plugins dude, VirtualShop is the most important (I think)! You never re-ply my message dude.
      1. emericask8ur
        As you can see SwearWord was last seen:Feb 20, 2012
        Thats a long time ago.....
        Mar 9, 2012
      2. AS1LV3RN1NJA
    4. Brianbloke
      Hi, I'd like to purchase a Private version of Careers? Please check your Private Messages.
    5. Mrchasez
      I need a copy of LOCKIP, can you please upload a .jar of it. The thread's downloads are broken
      1. SwearWord
        Jan 3, 2012
      2. Iron_Crystal
        Whats wrong? I was hoping to get it too.
        Jan 6, 2012
    6. HarcX
      the link is broken :0 and i really need this plugin
    7. HarcX
      Can you please re-upload your plugin LockIP ? thx
    8. RoofToilet1107
      Hey swear I've been looking through your plugins and i'm hoping to use them on Illyria soon! I also wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!
    9. ShootToMaim
      Dear Mr. Swearjar
      Hello sir! I've noticed you have a plugin named KickIdle! Could you please update it? Thanks!
    10. turtlemoviesco
      What plugin of yours prvides the ability to trade gold for money and money for gold?
    11. turtlemoviesco
      Hey since your server is down, can I use your awesome plugin (careers)? or are you not updating that anymore?
    12. Kohle
    13. duderobot
      Swear whats up with the server
      1. SwearWord
        heh it might come back next year
        Nov 20, 2011
      2. duderobot
        Gratz on mod too :3
        Nov 20, 2011
    14. Windwaker
      Congrats man :)
    15. Zocomen
      I've got very large feedback on this, so we hope for 500-1000 players unique joins the first week.
      So, to make this short, I would like to be given a test build, to see if this is the plugin I will be
      using for my server.
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      2. Zocomen
        I am having 5 areas atm, which consist of 1 big town, 1 smaller, a desert town, and also a viking fort, which is going to be a town when the server open. And right after it has open, I will begin build another new town. Which will be the Capital of the opposite Nation.
        The thing is, I want people to stay and do stuff at the big spawn city, and not run out in the wilderness. This may do the trick.
        Aug 19, 2011
      3. Zocomen
        So, what have you decided?
        I'll need the build pretty quick to begin working with it.
        Aug 19, 2011
      4. SwearWord
        There's no reason you need the build right this moment. Let me know when your server opens, I'll come on a look at its setup and see if it's suitable.
        Aug 19, 2011
    16. Zocomen
      Heya. I'm currently working on a big server project, called the Ultimate RP/MMO.
      At the moment, I was thinking about using Heroes, but since they are using a screawd up permission
      plugin, I've decided to go with your's, becuse it also hooks up with Towny.
      Right now, the max slot of the server is 128, and we have a little under 12GB RAM.
    17. jkio234
      Hey SwearWord i was wondering if i could have the link my server has a little more than 16 players we get about 1 person that stays for a while every day this plugin i think would be nice i dont want the jobs one its a little to confuzzing if i could have it that would be great

      1. SwearWord
        Unfortunately no, I'm developing this privately. Other servers have worked out some compensation for me but they're large servers who can afford it.
        Aug 17, 2011
    18. turtlemoviesco
      nvm I found it
    19. turtlemoviesco
      Hey can you tell me your server ip or address?
    20. SupraCl0ne
      ctps.verygames.net:25565 sorry forgot to link in other post :)
    21. SupraCl0ne
      hello swearword i have a new uprising server i pay for thrgh verygames its quite popular already am im really intrested in ur plugins may i get a link please? that would be great ty.
      1. SwearWord
        I need to see the IP.
        Aug 15, 2011
    22. TehTomaz
      i can, you can add me on skype if you want
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      2. SwearWord
        Careeers only works well in a narrow range of setups.
        Aug 8, 2011
      3. cardshark1155
        8-9 people on the server isn't enough?
        Aug 8, 2011
      4. SwearWord
        No I am not distributing the plugin. If you wish to play it you have to come to a server that has it.
        Aug 8, 2011
    23. cardshark1155
      can you send me the link for careers plug in?? It would work well with my server :D
      1. SwearWord
        I need to examine your server first. Address?
        Aug 7, 2011
      2. cardshark1155
        it's a private hamachi server, the network name is cardshark4
        Aug 7, 2011
    24. DecZs
      Please can you send me the link for the "careers" plugin, it sounds cool.
    25. rockxz2135
      Can you fix the download link for inferno.jar?
    26. dekelsho
      Why You DJPlugin Doesnt Work For Me?? T_T can you please help me using it?
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    Jan 19, 1992 (Age: 22)
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