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    1. Tomcekas2
      TechGuard you posted your name in my thread for my server and i forgot the ip soo here it is
    2. TechGuard
      Going to post a update video about the Christmas plugin, today or tomorrow!
    3. noggythenog
      cus i got the idea that...

      a primodrial desert world.

      a sandstone portal.

      few trees.

      generated castles filled with mobs.

      and pure epicness...
      1. TechGuard
        I make server plugins on payment.
        Nov 13, 2011
      2. noggythenog

        but anyway that's a good idea for your next thing. oh and how much money?
        Nov 13, 2011
      3. TechGuard
        Send me a pm, with you had in mind.
        Nov 13, 2011
    4. noggythenog
      do you still make plugins for servers?
    5. TechGuard
      Made a automatic download counter for the halloween plugin.
    6. TechGuard
    7. TechGuard
      It's just amazing to see.. The Halloween plugin just hit 4.000 downloads :)
    8. DanielSivertsen
      Add Daniel_tsivertsen on skype please, me and you need to chat! :D
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      2. DanielSivertsen
        Oct 31, 2011
      3. TechGuard
        You could just say it was about modding.. that would help a lot.
        Oct 31, 2011
      4. DanielSivertsen
        We can take rest of it on skype :D
        Oct 31, 2011
    9. Grimothy
      I made you this video on the Trick or Treat Chests, If you want to put it on your plugin's page so people can see more of what it is. If you'd like me to do another, I will do it :) thanks!

    10. TechGuard
    11. TechGuard
      Updated iZone to 6.6
    12. TechGuard
      I have my own server now! IP:
    13. TechGuard
      Back from holiday! But it will take some days before I start updating/fixing plugins! Working on a new update for iZone!
    14. bloisjo013
      I found the glitch:
      On shutdown, it wipes the file. (Why I don't know, but I found the problem area)
    15. bloisjo013
      Why does RSPassword come back with This is no a RSPassword, whenever I restart the server?
    16. TechGuard
      Bye bye! I'm on a internet-free vacation!
    17. a1m
      Please release in iZone limit on regions and amount block :)
    18. TechGuard
      Released a new Plugin called: RSPassword
    19. Brocodo
      Zou je een test versie willen uitbrengen van herobrine zodat we die kunnen...testen zegmaar? Andere mensen hebben het ook al gevraagt zie ik:P
    20. Adri.Hoster
      Can you post a test build of Herobrine? I mean, to test in servers.
    21. Outcast61
      I'm really excited about the Herobrine plugin! I'm so happy your making this! Could you please post more info on the plugin page? I'd really like to know what your doing in the plugin. And if possible a approximate release date? Thanks :)
    22. TechGuard
      iZone updated!
      1. Brocodo, Teh_MzG and Fearyzz like this.
    23. Underson
      where is new udapte for izone, never or somethime ?
    24. Underson
      Hello !
      I'm french, sorry for my bad english x)
      Izone is a perfect plugin anti grief, the best !
      If you could udapte izone, I would very happy !
    25. TechGuard
      Lol, Added a new event to Herobrine. (Random snowballs and eggs in your face.)
    26. TechGuard
      Just made a new Avatar! How is it?
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