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If you immediately know the candlelight is fire, then the meal was cooked a long time ago. Dec 5, 2012

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    1. CoKoC
      If BukkitDev's looking for a cyborg to split the reviewing times, make sure to contact me.
    2. combatchan
      TnT i need help can you give me a list of plugins for a factions raiding server if you would it would be nice thanks
    3. suchipi
      Thanks for closing my thread, but you do realize you could only run scripts that were in the plugin's folder in the filesystem and were therefore could only be put there by the operator? I'm not about to just let anyone have access to the console.
    4. [qwerty]
      TnT + Creeper = O_O
    5. marwenswagger
      How do i delete my posts?? Sorry ok please forgive me i posts nonsense Things
    6. Micro5
      OHAI THERE! ^-^
    7. ImDrift
      Do you know how to fix my problem
    8. Slay29
      Sorry can you answer me in conversation?
      Please I need a help!
      1. kahlilnc
        Read his Status!
        Jun 26, 2012
    9. shaan94
      The duplication glitch, where nodus users can go into freecam, and dupe materials still works. Now the glitch where they can dupe items into empty inventory slots is fixed, however, they can now dupe items onto another of the same stackable item.

      Therefore users are still able to dupe stackable items!
      1. TnT
        There are no known dupe bugs in the latest RB of CraftBukkit. The dupe bug you are experiencing could be plugin caused.
        Jun 14, 2012
    10. Baselmore
      how do i like the plugin thing? or something
    11. cray_Z
    12. denmike33
      how do i create a forum thingy?
    13. orgest
      How do you make your updated banners
    14. th3thin9
      hey dude, when i try to get a plugin the page dosent loads, there is only the little circle in middle of the page but no plugins!!!!!!!!!!!! please help
    15. CTheRain
      Thanks for locking my post. Unlock it please? I'll only bump it once a day ;D
    16. dylone2009
      wait, i download craftbukkit? i thought i need devbukkit
      1. TnT
      2. oman9589
        I think he's interested in MAKING plugins rather than downloading them for a server

        To start programming, you need the Bukkit API. Go to, click alternative versions, then go to the "bukkit" tab.
        May 28, 2012
      3. oman9589
        Follow the instructions on setting up your eclipse client to work with the Bukkit API, and start coding. If you don't know coding, it might be helpful to look at a few tutorials first, one being

        May 28, 2012
    17. dylone2009
      hi, i'm trying to download bukkitdev to start making my server mods, but when i go to it says i don't have the read permission :/ my username on github is dylone2009, is there any other download links?
      1. TnT
        May 25, 2012
    18. Teodori85
      TnT my friend can`t join on my server..,what is the problem ?
      1. TnT
        Firewall, port forwarding and/or mismatched client/server versions.
        May 24, 2012
    19. SolarPrizm
      Hello there! I would like to bring attention to the Minecraft servers. This may be an incorrect assumption, but I have heard the Bukkit staff is essentially in control of Minecraft's development as well.
      I can't seem to connect to the Minecraft servers to login. Are the servers undergoing updates and does this require attention?
      I apologize that it is not in the forums or otherwise. Thanks for reading.
      1. ImminentFate
        Bukkit Staff at Mojang means DinnerBone, LukeGB and EvilSeph. There are still moderators and admins that are solely a part of Bukkit and have no direct connection with Minecraft.
        May 20, 2012
      2. TnT
        Lukegb is not a part of Mojang. The Bukkit team cannot help with Mojang auth server issues.
        May 20, 2012
      3. ImminentFate
        my mistake, sorry.
        May 20, 2012
    20. Shukaku
      Hello there. :)
    21. TrainerGuy22
      Hey, there is a problem with my plugin I made that I can't seem to fix. I was going to post this on the forums, but I need to squash this bug before open source. PM me back if your interested in helping me, Thanks in advanced.
    22. Omnitv
    23. DarkVOODO
      hey i didnt know how to msg you but i have a plugin that i think most people would like and i thuaght you would be best to make it. So the plugin i had in mind was that lots of server has shop plugins right! well anyway the non-op players want to have shops so i was wondering if you could make a plugin were we could sell plots to them and then they could do
      1. ShootToMaim
        Post this in the Plugin Requests section.
        May 3, 2012
    24. DarkVOODO
      /zone buy and then whit a stick the op could hit one side and the other side and do /zone sell (money) and then the non op could do /zone buy and if they wanted to sell the zone they could do it like this /zone sell (money) and if they wanted to allow some one the zone they could do /zone allow (player) are if they wanted to kick some one they could do /zone kick (player) just and idea :)
    25. Kohle
      1. garrett2smart87 and hammale like this.
      2. ShootToMaim
        M1sT3RM4n (I'm not sure how to spell it :3) has more :D.
        May 3, 2012
    26. nggmc
    27. Cheese7284
      Can you look at my plugin GoldenRanker?
    28. emericask8ur
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