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Mar 22, 2011
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May 26, 1991 (Age: 23)

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I made a music video! Jan 26, 2014

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Sep 19, 2014 at 3:53 AM
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    1. Mystic_Sky14
      Am I a stalker now? e_e #Hypixel :p
    2. ChipDev
      1,500 likes, Yay!
    3. Howesy69
      Your such a good developer!
      1. pieter3457
        You're*, haha ;)
        Aug 14, 2014
    4. ChipDev
      I always thought you were a banana :O
    5. SuperWither
      Hello codename_B, can you tell me how to make animations with particle effects? For example freezing breath in Arena Brawl or Particle Packs
      1. HeavyMine13
    6. PlusMCPKBPK
      Hello codename_b can you update HiddenChest
    7. PlusMCPKBPK
      codename_B can you create skin custom for server ?
    8. ShearsSheep
      Hey there :-) , I'd really wish you could bring back 60 seconds Plugins on your channel :-) Thanks!
      1. codename_B
        They are still there, just not had a lot of time!
        Jun 3, 2014
      2. ShearsSheep
        Aww , I can see that , With the arcade games and stuff. Anyways , thanks for the great minigames you have given the players on hypixe :-)
        Jun 3, 2014
      3. ChipDev
        A lot of time? 60 seconds. Not that much xD
        Jul 25, 2014
    9. Adriani6
      You're from Scotland :O
      Which city ? (Aberdeen for me :O)
      1. codename_B
        May 30, 2014
      2. Adriani6
        Need to go for a drink one night :O haha
        May 30, 2014
    10. valiobg
    11. sawaks
      hi, I am wondering what is your best way to learn coding? I have tryed to make a plugin like MagickClock, but i failed. Can you maybye send me some links to the websites, or sites you used to learn coding? :)
      1. codename_B
        I learned right here on!
        Feb 1, 2014
      2. sawaks
        Ok, thanks :), I can't find any good posts, can you help me? :O
        Feb 1, 2014
    12. jordanzilla02
      How did you learn how to use bukkit so amazingly?
      1. codename_B
        Jan 28, 2014
      2. jordanzilla02
        You read the javadocs like a book?
        Jan 28, 2014
      3. jordanzilla02
        Also why do you prefer mongo over mysql?
        Jan 28, 2014
    13. janjanjan11111
      Can you make a tutorial to show how we can update plugins?
      1. hamzaxx
        Why would he update someone else's plugin...
        Jan 16, 2014
    14. codename_B
      Tweet me questions @VladToBeHere
    15. Jacksonbanan
      Do you need a bukkit server to use Voxelsniper ?
      And if so how do I download craftbukkit 1.7.4 ?
    16. HeavyMine13
      Can you please do a tutorial thread about minigame teams (Not arenas)? Thanks!
      1. codename_B
        What would you like to see in there?
        Dec 11, 2013
      2. HeavyMine13
        The way you get an arena, and create one!
        Aug 11, 2014
    17. billytheDOLPHIN
      How do I make a fake online player count? A post led me here.
      1. chasechocolate
        If you are still interested, use ProtocolLib.
        Dec 26, 2013
    18. Rocketboy901
      Better register before someone steals your name! :3 #YourWelcome
    19. Rocketboy901
      can u and ur coding skillz pls adopt mai
      1. ShearsSheep likes this.
      2. chasechocolate
        Oh, didn't know you had a YouTube channel, I'll check it out :D
        Sep 15, 2013
      3. codename_B
        thanks :D
        Sep 15, 2013
    20. owenftw
      Oh that was you haha, I was the staff member at the minecraft expo on sunday xD (you asked if you could talk to people in the line) ..sweet :3
      1. codename_B likes this.
      2. codename_B
        Nice to meet you!
        Sep 9, 2013
    21. hamzaxx
      I saw your sign on mcthewalls love your work!
      1. codename_B
        When was this? :O
        Aug 25, 2013
      2. hamzaxx
        yesterday I saw a sign on the mountain in the extreme hills biome which read Plugin coded by Codename_B.
        Aug 25, 2013
      3. codename_B
        haha, wow! That's still there :O
        Aug 26, 2013
    22. Archarin
      I see you left us for Hypixel... D:
      1. codename_B
        Aug 4, 2013
    23. codename_B
      OMG long time no see xD
      1. mncat77 likes this.
      2. mncat77
        Whats the current randomness level?
        Aug 2, 2013
    24. laxerbrohan
      hey, I was also wondering if you could make me a plugin that could allow certain players to go to different spawns in the same server so they could tell us which one they liked more and stuff, unless theres already a plugin like that....thanks. (my skype: sellhowl). i was wondering if you wanted to work for my server....we need a more experienced, and mature developer! Sellers! Thanks!
    25. laxerbrohan
      Hello, my name is sellers and I need some help. well, the thing is, is that I need to convert pex permissions to bpermissions because, pex is being really stupid now. I can send you the file via skype (my skype: sellhowl). i was wondering if you wanted to work for my server....we need a more experienced, and mature developer! Sellers! Thanks!
    26. Matic
      I need ur help for making a private plugin.
      Can u contact me on my skype : alexitic/
      Tanks You !
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    May 26, 1991 (Age: 23)
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