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Sep 27, 2013
Dec 28, 2010
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Sep 27, 2013
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    1. e_n_d_b_o_s_s
      I wish you luck.
    2. Monkeyboystein
      dinnerBone.getInventory().addItem(new ItemStack(Material.COOKIE, 1));
    3. MCMastery
      OMG Imagine how many alerts he will have next time he logs in (last time he was on was Sep. 27, 2013)!
    4. Squawkers13
      Isn't your Twitter avatar upside down?
      (And this one isn't...)
      1. BuckitWorker
        Hmm... I think that that is on purpose because.. when you name a mob Dinnerbone it places it upside-down xD
        Apr 19, 2014
    5. SkyDoesCoding
      *bows* Thy Dinnerbone Minecraft Skin Is Thou Now Cartoonish *bows*
      I Couldn`t Put The Picture on The Fourm :(
    6. calebbfmv
      <3 you too.
    7. Sevexy
      Why do all of my Posts have to be accepted by a Moderator??
    8. Charly_ZA
      Yoyo. What's cracking my D dawg. lol
    9. firemaster791
      get a nametag name it Dinnerbone and right click on a mob upsidedown MOB :D
      1. Skyost likes this.
    10. Ultimate_n00b
      "This user is not associated with a dev.bukkit.org account."
      1. megasaad44, egetheking and dingus007 like this.
    11. C0nsole
      I see you finally got around to changing your avatar to your twitter... You know, the right one
    12. Skyost
      Oh my god...
      The real Dinnerbone :D
      1. dingus007 and AstramG like this.
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      3. ThunderGemios10
        Nov 29, 2013
      4. mbcx2
        I think EvilSeph is the new leader now, since dinnerbone is working at Mojang, not really sure.
        Dec 3, 2013
      5. iiHeroo
        You're correct on that, it went from Dinnerbone to Grum to EvilSeph.
        Dec 3, 2013
    13. qsysmine
      Oh noes! He's a STEVE underneath the coat!
    14. Speaw
      abi cok cixsin bu cixksligi nerden aldın.
    15. MisterErwin
      Dina Bone... ;)
    16. chasechocolate
      Woahhhh... New avatar :D
      1. JOPHESTUS
        It's probably fairly old, considering he was last on at 16/11/12.
        Feb 3, 2013
      2. chasechocolate
        But some other administrator could have put it on.
        Feb 3, 2013
      3. JOPHESTUS
        Possibly, but I doubt it though.
        Feb 4, 2013
    17. ===RhysyB===
      Are you the really youtuber dinnerbone
    18. Jlighter123
      Dude you changed MC for ever...
      1. McMhz likes this.
    19. chasechocolate
      Why are you inactive?
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      2. afistofirony
        Well he's working on making Minecraft better with the mod API and new features so bukkit won't be necessary :P
        Jan 7, 2013
      3. chasechocolate
        Jan 7, 2013
      4. ThunderGemios10
        EvilSeph is working on Bukkit :)
        Nov 3, 2013
    20. mooman219
    21. calebbfmv
      Bukkit+Java+Plugins+= OMG OVERLOADED WITH AWESOME!!!!!!
    22. nggmc
      Oh my god... You and Notch came on my server :O :O :O :O
      You were on! Opike told you to come on or something. THATS AMAZING! The creator of minecraft and a bukkit admin on my server... It is my birthday... BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER :D.
      Hehehehe. What did you think of my server?
      1. nggmc
        Turns out it wasn't you... It was a former Admin trolling me. They shared the same IP so unless he was magically at the MineCraft Developer office then I guess it was a fake... :(
        Would this be the IP of the minecraft network?
        Jul 15, 2012
    23. BrushPainter
      Hey, dude let me tell you I'm LOVING bukkit! The staff is awesome your ALL so nice. But I was wondering if I can help Moderate the Forums for a little and if you guys like me you keep me if not just kick me out. I was just asking if you can give me a chance. But I understand why you wouldn't anyway. Its okay if you don't want me I get it. Thanks a lot! Brush.
    24. Maxorq
      You're awesome. That's all.
    25. BebopVox
      Hey Dinnerbone, BebopVox here from The Minecraft Monday Show. Love to do a quick interview over skype to help answer the communitys questions. If you could contact me. All my contact information is on BebopVox(dot)com. Thank you.
      1. eamon12
        Jan 20, 2013
    26. RROD
      Once again thanks for Bukkit. It's taught me valuable lessons in programming, inc. a whole new language.
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