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    1. shohouku
      Hey, I'm having issues with de-spawning an NPC and interacting with an NPC, I'm using the CitizensAPI.

      Please message me!
    2. Killahpig1997
      hey i have a slight problem... im on minecraft version 1.5.2 and i downloaded the dev build of this plugin but it came with no type folder? im trying to make a simple guard but when i type /toggle guard it says unknown command. type help for help... please help me i really want to use this plugin but i just cant... i have vault but it still wont let me do it PLEASE HELP :D
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      2. Killahpig1997
        basically all i need is some guards a priest and a few other quest givers maybe bandits too... i think i know how to make them its just when i try it doesnt ever work -_- what are the citizens 2 commands to make guards?
        Jun 18, 2013
      3. fullwall
        you can download the Sentry addon from the wiki for Citizens2. alternatively the legacy is updated at http://ci.citizensnpcs.com under Citizens (without the 2).
        Jun 18, 2013
      4. Killahpig1997
        sorry for the late reply but thank yopu so much, it works fine i have my guards and questers up and working fine, even made myself a few quests to go along with the gods plugin, thanks so much for the help and well done the plugin is great!
        Jun 22, 2013
    3. C0nsole
      Y u no connect your bukkitdev account :(
      1. fullwall
        May 25, 2013
    4. jakobluciano
      hey i got the plugin installed and everything but i can't seem to change any type of npc to any type. also i can't give them a profession like trader or blacksmith =/cant find a vid recent vid for this in english. i also checked on the wiki and tried the guide for Citizens but none of the commands worked. could you send me a link to a more updated commands and exactly what scripts do what and all that pizazz?
      1. jakobluciano
        commands i tried are /npc create bob --type PIG

        /npc type PIG
        /npc type pig
        /npc prof blacksmith
        all it will tell me is
        Did you mean /npc Sktype
        Dec 19, 2012
      2. fullwall
        You need to download some Characters, then use /npc trait. The wiki explains this.
        Dec 19, 2012
      3. jakobluciano
        i'll reread the whole thing, i was half asleep when i was reading it x)
        Dec 19, 2012
    5. jakobluciano
      continuing off the first post

      at java.lang.Class.getConstructor0(Unknown Source)
      at java.lang.Class.getConstructor(Unknown Source)
      at net.citizensnpcs.api.trait.TraitInfo.create(TraitInfo.java:39)
      at net.citizensnpcs.npc.CitizensTraitFactory.<init>(CitizensTraitFactory
      1. jakobluciano
        plugins im using:
        Variable Triggers

        please help =/ also this isn't the full cmd prompt, i just can not fit all of it on
        Dec 18, 2012
      2. fullwall
        You are using the latest dev build of Citizens, which requires a higher CraftBukkit version than the one you're using. The latest dev CraftBukkit needs to be used or you can download Citizens build #597.
        Dec 18, 2012
      3. jakobluciano
        thank you :) im downloading it now. awesome plugin btw since Citizens is my favorite npc plugin.
        Dec 18, 2012
    6. jakobluciano
      citizens issue getting a [Severe] message with this on the cmd prompt
      [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling Citizens v2.0.4 (Is it up to date?)
      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraft/server/v1_4_5/Entity
      at java.lang.Class.getDeclaredConstructors0(Native Method)
      at java.lang.Class.privateGetDeclaredConstructors(Unknown Source)

      I have citizens plugin on my server, and I have the following problem: I created an event map.On one peace of the map there is a guard NPC(bouncer) and it is shooting everyone, and everything.But it didn't worked.It shooted the player, but the player didn't get hurt, he got the arrows free.If the players went closer, then the guard started hiting him with bow, and the player got damaged.
        The shooting worked fine with zombies and animals.The got damaged.The commands I used for the NPC:

        /npc create Hunter
        /npc equip (gave him bow)
        /npc equip (exited the editor)
        /toggle guard
        /guard bouncer
        /guard radius 40
        /guard addflag 1 -a
        /guard aggro
        /guard copy

        What can be the problem?

        Yours sincerely,
        Aug 26, 2012
    8. OrangeSheep
      hey fullwall, i love citizens, i own a rpg-server with over 200 npcs, 40 quests etc. but there is one problem for me: one can only accept one quest at one time, and it would be perfect for my server to accept 10 quests at one time, so that its easier to play the storyline. so we would need the sourcecode, pls send it per pm. thanks =)
    9. Jorn818
      Suggestions for citizens 2: 1. human npc's can kill eachother so you can have little wars against your friends.
      2. human npcs can ride mob npcs. 3. make a command /npc kill if it respawns after kill or just dies. see 1.
      4. better pathfinding *sometimes they walk trough blocks. 5. new command for all guards! /addflagall
      set a flag for all guards. 5. /deleteflaggall see 4. 6. make guards not see trough walls.
    10. gerrard
      Hey,can i make a guard archer,so its fire in monsters but not move to the monster location?
    11. Bosh21
      everytime i make a citizen then reload it dissaperas. CAN u tell me WHY?? i love using the plugin but i cant wen it dont work :(
    12. Sleeper75
      Sleeper again, just wondering if it would be possible to add a feature similar to NPCX, the thing where you say a keyword and the npc does something/say something of your choice? thanks, LOVE your work btw keep it up!
    13. Sleeper75
      Hey Fullwall just curious if you know the release date for Citizens2? thanks -Sleeper
    14. Semirotta
      can you pm me with information about citizens 1.2.
      Why NPC's keep going invisible?Being near them, they dont go invisible,when there is nobody near them,all npcs are invisible. Guards still talk to me so i know they ARE THERE but they just are invisible.
      What can i do with this? My quest givers cant give quests while invisible. Requires server restart to show up again.
      1. fullwall
        Can you give me a list of plugins in use? Is it perhaps a multiworld/chunk unloading issue?
        Apr 8, 2012
      2. Semirotta
        My servers plugin:
        bkcommonlib v1.18
        Apr 8, 2012
      3. Semirotta

        Thank you for answer. Now that ive been checking, the NPCs stay. Most of the time usually they still dissappear.
        Apr 8, 2012
    15. mazius123
      Hey fullwall i have problem with bouncers (with one of guards types) so here is the problem:
      when I make bouncer set the radius and etc... , he attack the flaged mobs but when the mob dies he didnt come back to his possition , he stuck
      he come back only if he broke the seted radius. , please fix it faster and reply to me (skype:vaidas.mazius123 , or [email protected]) if you fix it or for more information.
    16. Jeangray
      Hi there! I was just wondering if you and aPunch would be able to start a collaboration between citizens and the factions mod so that you could put NPC's in different factions (would be nice in my opinion). I understand that you guys maybe don't have time and such but would be awsome and by the way citizens is a great mod.
    17. mallander
      Hi Fullwall, I was thinking that with the Citizens plugin, and it's incorporated quest system, that McMmo could be linked with it. For example, once someone gets to Level 50 in Swords, it allows them to do a quest that they would not otherwise be able to do. Do you think this is possible to incorporate?
      1. fullwall
        It's possible, but I'd prefer it to be done with an outside plugin using the API to avoid a dependency on mcMMO.
        Jan 12, 2012
      2. mallander
        Well, I'm asking this on behalf of our server plugin *programmer* as we do not yet have a developer. Any chance you may have the time to produce such a plugin, There is nothing of it's kind, and would be great for RP servers such as my own.
        Jan 13, 2012
    18. fullwall
    19. spawn2909
      Hey some of you have made ​​the new citizens, I wanted to ask if he can tell me how can I make quests? I give the command correctly but in the quest folder is nothing drinne could you tell me what I was and what I must enter as a command for one must give thanks

      Creation from google tranlate
    20. lordkalem
      omplaaa jesus kalem its right there. omg sorry for being the pains in the behind. i didnt see the develipment build thingy on there XP X_X
    21. lordkalem
      please if you have work in progress build for this plugin for 1.8.1 can you please post it in the [FUN] Citizens v1.0.9d - NPCs for Bukkit [1060] post. or in the bukkitdev post. or could you please at least try to make a quick fix file so people can at least use the the /npc create command to make npc's for show
    22. Mophise
      I apologize if it's a pain to hear about stuff like this, but I'm a nub at this and can't find an answer.
      Using Citizens 1.0.9d.
      made a healer but it won't heal anyone but me.
      I made an account on here so I could ask you: what am I doing wrong?

      Changes i made:
      currency = sugar
      all prices = 1
      healer interact and talk item = 0
      healer regen rate = 120
      1. fullwall
        Do people have the permission citizens.healer.use ?
        Sep 15, 2011
      2. Mophise
        actually, i don't even know how to setup permissions. i'll look it up. :)
        Sep 15, 2011
    23. PredatorC
      how do i make it so i can unlimated npc's because when i reload my server only 10 remain.
    24. Comrade
      I'm not seeing the help in the wiki for Citizens that tells how to designate a npc as a certain npc type. How do I do that?
      1. fullwall
        /toggle [type]
        Aug 15, 2011
      2. Comrade
        Thanks, I will try it out!
        Aug 20, 2011
    25. danjackson
      Thank you :)
    26. danjackson
      Hey FullWall, I love your work on the Citizens plugin. Would it be possible to add a feature that allows an NPC to be informative. eg You right click the plugin and are drawn into a private chat channel where you can ask it predefined questions (that are listed) such as: Where can I find the Market?. Most servers just use signs for FAQ's however it would be cool if they could use NPCs that players could interact with
      1. fullwall
        This may become possible in a future update :).
        Aug 12, 2011
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