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Jan 16, 2011
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I wonder what this button does ... *click* Jan 31, 2011

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Oct 21, 2014
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      Didn't you used to be a moderator?
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      2. JOPHESTUS
        Why are you no longer a moderator (if you don't mind me asking)
        Mar 18, 2013
      3. XD 3VIL M0NKEY
        XD 3VIL M0NKEY
        I remember you :D
        Mar 26, 2013
      4. rtainc
        Why aren't you one? (if you don't mind me 'bumping' a question if you don't mind him asking)
        Jun 7, 2013
    2. AppleNick
      1. MonsieurApple
        Mar 14, 2013
    3. DiamondAir
      Hey, I've seen you on MCSL! :D
    4. Vinceguy1
    5. RROD
      You seriously need to change your avatar...
      It's not Christmas anymore! D:
      1. XD_3VIL_M0NKEY likes this.
      2. MonsieurApple
        Hm, that seems to require effort. Will consider.
        Jan 26, 2012
      3. hawkfalcon
        Your current avatar is perfect in every way.
        Sep 8, 2012
    6. Gimlao
      Will you release a Biosphere World Generator plugin one day ?... I really need it. =/
      It would be great if it could work with DimensionDoor. =)
    7. emericask8ur
      You havent updated your status since Jan! :O
    8. bobbysmithyy
      Monsieur can you please delete my account so I can reactivate it. I have been getting an error which literally makes me not allowed to do anything, anywhere on this website. I have tried every possible way to get past it and nothing worked. If you can delete my account and i'll just make a new one that would be great.
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      2. bobbysmithyy
        Does Bukkit website need some kind of javascript to run because I now know why this happened. I recently went to mac utilities and opened a app called Activity Monitor (great app) and I quit the process of a java script however I have no idea what so ever what script or java it was. Please help
        Nov 9, 2011
      3. MonsieurApple
        Restart your computer and reinstall windows.
        Nov 9, 2011
      4. ZNickq
        Try google chrome, it has most of the stuff already in :)
        Nov 20, 2011
    9. RROD
      Just a quick thx for keeping the community clean. ^^
      1. saul100 and MonsieurApple like this.
    10. ShootToMaim
      Thank you so much!! I've had both of my plugins approved by you and rasja, and they're both pretty successful now!
      1. saul100 likes this.
    11. Smex
      Thank you :)
    12. ShootToMaim
      Umm... same here. I've made 2 plugins so far, JailLikeHell v1.1 as well as NoOrbsPlease v1.1, which were both approved by you and BukkitDev. What do I have to do to become a Plugin Developer?
      My username on BukkitDev is also ShootToMaim
      1. MonsieurApple
        Oct 30, 2011
      2. ShootToMaim
        Thanks :D
        Oct 30, 2011
      3. ShootToMaim
        1 more thing. What do you have to do to become a MODERATOR ;P.
        Oct 30, 2011
    13. Smex
      Hey MonsieurApple, I made already 4 Plugins for Bukkit
      and they even got accepted on BukkitDev from you, so
      could I be a Plugin Developer?
      My name on the BukkitDev Forums is XemDoom, just for information.
      1. MonsieurApple
        Oct 30, 2011
    14. hammale
      Sry to bug you dude but i released a plugin awhile back and I still don't have a badge...did I do something wrong?
      1. MonsieurApple
        Oct 30, 2011
    15. Elusive92
      What does it take, exactly to become a Plugin Developer? Is there more to it than releasing a plugin that is regularly downloaded?
      1. MonsieurApple
        Sep 25, 2011
    16. DKDunnings
      I have made several mods over the past few months, just a friendly request to be promoted to 'Plugin Developer'?
      1. MonsieurApple
        Sep 16, 2011
    17. Q.from.the.continuum
      What do I need to have range Plugin Developer ?
      1. MonsieurApple
        I promoted you. Generally a plugin or two will get you Plugin Developer.
        Aug 22, 2011
    18. (infected)
      I'm glad you support bullying on new developers. That's a great way to make Bukkit a better place.
      1. chernobyl360 likes this.
      2. MonsieurApple
        Aug 7, 2011
      3. (infected)
        Aug 7, 2011
      4. MonsieurApple
        You seemed to be offering advice
        Aug 7, 2011
    19. Jumla
      Hey, i was wondering if i could take over your inactive "Moar" plugin? Thanks so much, I am a new coder, but can't think of any ideas, and i like the simplicity yet how helpful moar is.
      1. MonsieurApple
        It's updated (code wise) but not release wise. I will be picking it back up soon.
        Aug 5, 2011
    20. exoskeleton
      i have something going wrong with permissions plugin
      1. MonsieurApple
        Can you not read the giant red box that says: "Please do not post Support Questions on this person's profile."
        Jul 29, 2011
      2. MCManager
        omg that is so easy to see
        Aug 10, 2011
    21. sat0n101
      Where is your donate button ? I need to donate to thak you for saving my server's build world, it has almost 700X700 blocks of rollercoasterong it :D
    22. (infected)
      What did you do to become a Community Staff?
      I like the apple =)
      1. hawkfalcon likes this.
      2. RiiCo94
        I hate apple, i hope they all die.
        Aug 3, 2011
      3. (infected)
        That probably just means a) your to poor to afford one or b) you dont know anything about OS's in general or the most likely c) you follow the windows bandwagon
        or d) your a hater and we all know haters goin hate
        Aug 3, 2011
    23. Nikolaj Lund Andreasen
      Now I have bought your plugin and CAN'T get it to work. Have tried to download it 500 times but I still only get blank pages when I trying to go "/ install /" and /install/index.php and /index.php

      Is it possible you can create a readme file where you are describing how to install it, so even a new born child can understand it?!
    24. MonsieurApple
      I wonder what this button does ... *click*
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