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Mar 31, 2011
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Oct 16, 2014
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    1. chasechocolate
      Y u leave? :(
      What happened to you?
    3. chasechocolate
      2000 posts!
      1. Ne0nx3r0 likes this.
      2. Ne0nx3r0
        Aw I missed it!
        Mar 14, 2013
    4. Idlehumor
      sent the link. the code is on github. goto the link provided in my post and look up repositories
    5. ZachBora
      what happened to DrAgonmoray?
      1. Ne0nx3r0
        Oh, he was temp banned... Back already, I just haven't updated my sig.
        Jul 19, 2012
    6. jesuswald
      Hi there. I just wanted to thank you for your hard work making up an anti-duping plugin to counter the issues with freecam/Nodus. I really appreciate the effort you put in, and will test it out on our server shortly. Take care.
      1. Ne0nx3r0
        I'd recommend not using that plugin anymore, as the duping exploits it covers are patched in 3.1. Go to and download the beta for 3.1 instead. (Make sure you test it out for plugin issues first!)
        Jun 8, 2012
    7. zmshotz
      There is a new duping glitch, works with your plugin and new Craftbukkit. (Very similar glitch) Think we could talk about a fix?
    8. chas13
      Thank you for that fix,you are the best.
    9. bizarrdager
      thx for the heads up but read the new post
    10. DarkFusion
      Hi I'm a big fan of your plugins. ehm i have a permissions Problem , I'm using PermissionsBukkit 1.2 . The Problem is that when i want to make a signshop a error appear like : You don't have Permissions to create..... can you help me pls??? :) Thx for your awesome work pls pn me .
    11. zonedabone
      I made a suggestion for quantum circuits, I really like it, but it would be great if it could natively support doors. Thanks for listening to my suggestion in advance.
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    When I'm not coding I'm being snarky. If you don't see a code tag in my post, prepare yourself.
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