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    1. SpikeHit
      Hello, im wondering if you still have the old jar file for BookWorm for beta 1.5_01? Cant seem to find it on dev
    2. High Tech Redneck
      If you could make a YouTube vid on the item GUI code u made that would be great. I know nothing about coding and could really use a tutorial. Thanks! :)
    3. DopeElite
      Hey man, I need help with my config.yml and permissions setup. Could you please help me, the rest of the code is done. Thanks. Add me on Skype: dopeelite
    4. Ace_Archer
      Hey there, Out of curiousity, is your MuddersMilk plugin going to be updated for 1.2.5? Just curious if it's still supported ^^ Thanks!
    5. LukeS
      Please update the MineCal for R5+ compatibility
    6. Roflus
      could you update the Craftball Plugin. i loved it, it's the best soccer plugin in my opinion. But it doesn't work with the new craftbukkit versions. Please update it.
    7. dumptruckman
      Hey, could you share your source for the enderman prevent block pickup plugin? Or tell me what event you used for stopping it?
    8. RoofToilet1107
      Hello i just wanted to tell you that i love your bookworm plugin. :D its wonderful.
    9. Wolfbane
      Hi mate
      im using your MagicSpells 1.0.1 and i was wondering if i could somehow make the build spell use all of the blocks that i wanna use in inventory.
      Thanks in advance =)
    10. McSushi
      Hey, i just wanted to know if you could make aplugin for my server? it would be like your milk one. But a few changes. If you could would send me a message :)
      Thanks :)
    11. rigor789
      Hy dude :D
      Can u help me in my plugin? pls im NUB :o :P
    12. jamescosten
      Hey man i have just reviewed your plugin, let me know what you think? I hope you enjoy it and i think it will get you some more views. If you wouldn't mind could you embed the video in your thread. Also if you feel i missed anything let me know so that im my update video i can tell people and also if you have a new release do the same.
    13. The_legion
      Hey nis, I am currently using your magic mod.
      My question is, how do I get it so I can assign spells like fireball and lightning to the wand? Instead of typing them in.
      Also, I cannot figure out how to make it so that I don't need reagents for spells.
    14. PedroN041
      How do I use permissions in magicspells?
    15. CaiusTSM
      lol nvm sorry to bother you, I believe it was part of my own code that did that.
    16. CaiusTSM
      hey whats up? I hope I am not annoying you, but I have a question.
      On my question of putting levers on chest would you also know how to prevent the lever from popping off the side of the chest?
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    Apr 12, 1985 (Age: 29)
    Home page:
    The Internet
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