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    1. nickmarkoff
      ive tried everything to fix my permissions, get back to me when you can and ill send you the code. i woould really appreciate if you could tell me whats wrong. it keeps saying not permitted to...
    2. Viet
      I want to endorse the InfiniCraft development, get back to me with the possibility of continuing the project. Thanks
    3. smiley11
      i was wondering on how can i configure for people to open chest without breaking or placing block???
    4. bobbysmithyy
      Hey just wondering where you are, please get back to me on skype
    5. HappyGrenades
      I know you probably get this a lot, but permissionsbukkit is a huge part of my server and I need it. I've tried other options but this is the only one that works perfectly. You haven't updated the bukkitdev page in a while and I was wondering if you could possibly release a new permissonsbukkit updated to 1.1-R4 on the bukkitdev, even if it doesn't have any changes. Thanks for your time,

      sincerely, HappyGrenades
    6. SolarBlaze
      I need help with permissionsbukkit. see the latest post by me on the permissionsbukkit thread.
    7. Ammar18
      can you please please help me?
      when i put in "permissions.*: true", it doesnt work.
    8. DreTaX
      Hey!Will you add support for own prefixes?So i dont have to use another chat plugin...
    9. manimal6
      i need some teck supporte. i when to run craftbukkit after instaling perm 1.2 and the craftbukkit shows this

      17:23:05 [SEVERE] Could not load 'plugins\PermissionsBukkit-1.2.jar' in folder '
      mapping values are not allowed here
      in "<reader>", line 33, column 20:
      permissions.*: true
      What do i do to fix it
      1. joshwenke
        Make sure to use spaces before your permission list (I think it's 8)
        Jan 10, 2012
    10. Marius A. Winsjansen
    11. Relick
      Hey how did you link this account with your curse account? I've only seen it on moderators and admins so far, so would like to know if you were specifically granted it or something.
      1. SpaceManiac
        I occasionally help test things, and this was one of them.
        Sep 13, 2011
      2. Relick
        Alright, thanks for replying :)
        Sep 13, 2011
    12. Nunnsy
      Oh, and please add setting for default group! Thanks heaps!
    13. Nunnsy
      Please make PermissionsBukkit pass the groups to essentials and add prefixes and suffixes!!!
    14. Luke.Handle
    15. wulfbear_joe
      Hey there!
      I've got an idea concerning your plugin: Is it possible to configure a NPC (e.g. from Citizens) so they can add players to a permissionBukkit group,
      Hope you understood what I tried to say.
    16. nubpro
    17. dustin2829
      Is there any way to make gasps not spawn?
    18. 1/9Aircav
      Thank you very much for the Nether plugin. Great work. I run a small vanilla ded server for myself & 3 other folks. We where unhappy that the Nether was/still is broke in SMP. Your plugin just made our dead portal (which has been standing for 2 months now) active and alive! Ease of use is a big plus as I also run modded Battlefield servers & most of my time is tied up with that. Thanks again.
    19. SpaceManiac
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    PermissionsBukkit v2.4
    [IMG] Glowstone - experimental Bukkit implementation
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    July 18
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    Student/Software Developer
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