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Mar 30, 2013
Jan 2, 2011
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Real life takes a lot of time you guys. Mar 30, 2013

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Mar 30, 2013
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    1. InspectorFacepalm
      in minecraft
      real life doesn't exsist
      1. Lady_Hestia likes this.
    2. Nijikokun
      Real life takes a lot of time you guys.
      1. mentin2 likes this.
    3. afistofirony
      I guess this means iConomy is back?
      1. quique18c likes this.
      2. quique18c
        yeah D:
        Mar 25, 2013
    4. Nijikokun
      I've been minecraft free for a year! Let's have a party!
      1. JWhy likes this.
      2. hawkfalcon
        Are you back now?:D
        Sep 26, 2012
      3. Nijikokun
        semi, still have work
        Dec 21, 2012
    5. Me4502
      Hi, what is iColite? Is it a version of iConomy that doesnt kill itself when using MySQL?
      1. rtainc
        when doing anything*
        May 2, 2013
    6. vik1998
      I was wondering if there are any plugins that relate to bank accounts that work with Iconomy6
    7. DT_Rush
      Glad to see you back Nijikokun!
    8. Keen
      Your Dev-Homepage is not currently , your Account is banned! i need the link from IConomy6 pls :)
    9. Mathew Alden
      Hi. I was just wondering. When Spout gets updated to 1.2 where we can add or own items, are you planning on adding physical money to iConomy?
    10. EmpiricalDepth
      you werent a dragon on second life a year or so ago were you?
    11. marvinbek
      I just wanna know how you make up those awesome codenames...
    12. Techykid3
      Messaged to you
    13. Techykid3
      @Nijikokun Errors with the convert thing you made:

      Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/nexuaorg/public_html/permicon/handlers/Convert.php on line 121

      Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/nexuaorg/public_html/permicon/handlers/Convert.php on line 64
      1. Nijikokun
        pastebin the yaml so I can test
        Sep 5, 2011
    14. Techykid3
      Hey! I got your economy plugin's support under control ;)
      1. Nijikokun likes this.
    15. nobear
      I really need help for setting up the H2SQL, i cant find a detailed setup guide anywhere. Any help would be VERY appreciated. Thanks a ton.
    16. Jaxkr
      You aren't female.
    17. M1sT3rM4n
      I really hoped that people bothered to read all the stuff you posted :( Too bad most MC players are illiterate \o/
    18. Moe041991
      I just want to post something shitty here as well
      1. Nijikokun
        Aug 4, 2011
    19. Daelmorn
      Niji, great work on your plugins such as iconomy(you ever gonna update that for b1k?) and you interested in tutoring someone interested in starting some work on plugins development?
    20. Po1ntBlank
      Nijikokun, it says you are seen online, so can you please help us stranded in the iConomy page? We really need some help D:
      1. Techykid3
        I am iConomy's support manager. Ftw.
        Aug 31, 2011
    21. huds101
      hello was wondering how i setup the default money, so how much a person has as soon as they join the game, i wanna make the deafult ammount 10,000 cheers
    22. BaconStone
      'You lack the permissions to create a faction.'
      Please save meh :( What do I have to do to fix this, I just want a faction server.
    23. Colby l
      Hey great plugin but when will it be updated for B1000?
    24. ashtheking
    25. (infected)
      Do you like Daft Punk?
    26. greenglue
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    Probably on drugs or smth, I make plugins that people use. Nice to meet you [:!


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    Got job.
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